Wellbeing Techniques

Bruce’s tips to breathe and feel calm.

If possible lie down, if not sit up straight with eyes closed

Breathe through the nose. (if comfortable to do so).

Breathe in slowly for the count of four.

Hold your breathe for the count of four.

Breath out slowly for the count of four.

Hold your breathe for the count of four.

Repeat for up to six times or until the emotions subside.

This is also a perfect technique for adults. Practice the above for a few days until you are fully comfortable. Try adding a little time when breathing out, first to the count of six. Finally if you are able without discomfort, you can extend the breathing out to the count of eight. (you should feel comfortable throughout and not breathless. If it is not comfortable stay with the original version) By trying this technique in the morning before getting out of bed and evening before sleep, your mind will be calm both for the day ahead and to help you to sleep.

Create a place to retreat to. When emotions get out of hand, having a place that is safe and quiet, may help to calm things down. Finding cushions, blankets and soft toys to cuddle. Use the pictures from the education bundle of Bruce and his friends so children can see and discuss how they are feeling. Each Bruce has a different colour heart. Use those to allow the child to express how they are in that moment. Use the breathing tips above to calm the emotions.

Its ok to have a cry. Crying is a self soothing way of releasing emotions. It is the bodies way of releasing tensions and anxiety. When we cry, the body releases the chemicals oxytocin and endorphins, which help us feel better. Accepting things we cannot change and focussing on those we can will help us refocus. Have a little cry, take a little walk and breathe.

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