Mel Holliday – Creator

Mel started her career in medicine. She later began managing manufacturing company 30 years ago, foundered with her husband, Martin. During that time Mel started doing voluntary projects in schools: advising young people on careers in business and construction . Mel was invited to become a member of the board for EBP (Education Business Partnership) in 2012 and helped set up and chaired the charity OneMe. In 2014, Mel started practicing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and completed her masters in 2018. She became curious about stress management techniques. During her years helping and supporting young people, Mel became increasingly aware of how some individuals were struggling with managing their stress. Piloting the models for both adults and children alike, she designed sets of tailored workshops. After creating characters for each emotion the stories began to develop, Bruce and his friends were born.

Rebecca Dyer – Illustrator

Rebecca gained her degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre at Bird College graduating in 2018. It is only recently Rebecca has started to explore her talents in illustration and art; she is delighted that her debut into illustration has allowed her to work closely with Mel Holliday, to breathe life into Bruce and her other characters. Rebecca has been creatively minded from a young age; she has always had a love of performing and is currently pursuing a career in the Performing Industry. Rebecca hopes that Bruce and his friends help lots of children manage their stress using Mel’s breathing techniques.


Bruce is no ordinary cloud. He has special talents. He can change is shape and makes others laugh. This makes him very happy. Sometimes Bruce struggles to create his shapes and this gets him frustrated. His friends come to the rescue. Read the book Breath with Bruce to find out what happens.

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