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Is your child feeling overwhelmed?

When children become anxious or emotional, they often are not able to communicate how they are feeling. This leads to tantrums, over excitement, becoming withdrawn or crying. The behaviour they display comes out of the blue and can be exhausting or embarrassing for parents or those looking after the child.  Being able to prevent or … Continue reading Is your child feeling overwhelmed?

The day for the first proof-read arrived. With Rebecca’s beautiful illustrations and Andy’s careful editing it looked amazing. To be honest there was not a lot to alter. A few tweaks and suggestions from each of us and Andy went to work completing the changes.    Andy had already discussed paper options, size of book … Continue reading

Don’t forget the good things we learned in lockdown

COVID-19 has an had impact on all our lives, but in many different ways.I heard a quote recently that “we are not in the same boat, more like we are all in the same storm in little boats and are finding our own ways to move forward through the water”.For me this really resonated as … Continue reading Don’t forget the good things we learned in lockdown

Being in the present

I am unsure of anyone else’s view over the last few months, however for me I feel like I have been in a time warp. Initially the first few weeks were busy. I still had things to do in the office, getting my head around the process looking after the team, the clients and suppliers … Continue reading Being in the present

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